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Village to Village Network needs your support to continue our ongoing operations.

2017 Giving Campaign

We need your support! As Villages are growing and expanding across the country, we are working hard to meet their needs. We appreciate your generous support as we continue to help Villages succeed with valuable resources, expertise and connections.

We are very grateful to have received a generous donation from an anonymous donor, in order to receive this donation we had to match it and thanks to your help, we were successful! Thank you to all of the donors listed below:

  • Jay and Virginia McKie
  • Ashby Village
  • Beacon Hill Village
  • Coastline Neighbors
  • Mill City Commons
  • Sausalito Village
  • Village of the Coastside
  • Madeleine Appel
  • Janis Brewer
  • Allan & Lou Burdick
  • Laura Connors
  • Arthur Culbert
  • Dick & Esther Elkin
  • Peter Engstrom
  • Mary Flournoy
  • Anne & Paul Greenblatt
  • Frank Harnden
  • Anita C. James
  • David Lewis
  • Drew Lewis
  • Bob Lotz
  • The Moorkoth Family
  • Jane Nyce
  • Patt Opdyke
  • Carol Paquette
  • Brian Pickett
  • Susan Poor
  • Paul Ramsey
  • Lynn & Michael Reichgott
  • Penny Richichi
  • Peggy Simpson
  • Mandy Summerson
  • Dan Taylor
  • Sally Van Sickle
  • Ruth Watkins
  • Sonja Wilkin
  • and all of our Anonymous donors!