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Village to Village Network Forums

The Village to Village Network Forums is a central place for members to discuss current issues among Villages, as well as pose questions/problems to your peers. 


Sample VtV Network Forum Discussion Topics: 

  • IRS Application
    • How long did you wait after your Village submitted your application? 
    • Did the IRS ask you to address their questions about your application? Do you have suggestions on how to respond?
  • Member Recruitment
    • Are you experiencing a downturn in membership in this economy?
    • How are you spreading the word about your Village? Who should I reach out to? 
    • What do you say to prospective members who are "Not Ready Yet?"
  • Staff and Volunteer Balance
    • How do I know how many staff members I will need? 
    • How do I recruit new Volunteers? 
  •  Peer to Peer Discussion Group
    • This forum will be where Buddies gather to discuss their latest obstacles in creating a Village
  •  VtV Launch 
    • Where do you want the VtV Network to evolve from here? 
    • Are their areas that you would like to see added?