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Boise at Home Summer 2016 Newsletter
Published on: 8/2/2016
Natalie Galucia, Village to Village Network
director, addressed the annual JAVA (Justice
Alliance for Vulnerable Adults) Summit
in Boise on June 21. The conference, supported
by the Idaho Realtors and BSU Center
for the Study of Aging, focused on aging
in place safely, securely and independently.
The Village to Village Network is a national
umbrella organization serving Boise
at Home and 200 other villages across
the country. Galucia’s remarks are online
at (News). Boise at
Home members and Summit participants
met her informally at a reception at the Riverside
Hotel on June 20
Aging in Place!
Published on: 7/25/2016
The magazine, which covers the benefits of Aging in Place and practical guidance on how to do so, includes advice from renowned aging and senior care experts across the nation, with guest articles by Molly Singer, Executive Director of Capitol Hill Village in Washington D.C., Natalie Galucia, Director of The Village to Village Network, and Lola Amendt of The Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota – North Dakota Chapter, among others.
Washington: The Ideal Place to Grow Older
Published on: 7/25/2016
Aging in Place in Washington
Middle-Income Seniors Face Obstacles to Healthy Aging at Home
Published on: 7/25/2016
How to age in place successfully!
On Easton's College Hill, it takes a village to build a community
Published on: 4/25/2016
On Easton's College Hill, it takes a village to build a community
Westside Pacific Villages are Pioneering Aging in Place
Published on: 4/21/2016
Aging in place in Santa Monica
Tax Rules for Family Caregivers
Published on: 4/14/2016
A guide to what you can and can't deduct, plus traps to avoid
Your Longevity is Good for Business
Published on: 4/11/2016
Your Longevity is Good for Business
Loneliness grows from individual ache to public health hazard
Published on: 2/1/2016
impact of loneliness on aging
Study says that a social life is a healthy life
Published on: 2/1/2016
Friendships can save your life, literally. Active social lives have been shown to reduce a person’s risk of death by at least 50 percent.
For older adults, serious depression symptoms increase risk for stroke and heart disease
Published on: 2/1/2016
Villages can help older adults avoid depression from isolation. Just goes to show how the Village movement can help in numerous ways.
Your Attitude Toward Aging Directly Affects Your Health
Published on: 2/1/2016
Negative attitudes toward aging have an effect on both cognitive and physical health in the later years, according to research from Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
Villages offer neighborly option to age in place, provide help, social connections
Published on: 12/30/2015
article on three villages in Philadelphia- from Milestones, the monthly newsletter published by the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging.
The Limits of Technology to Improve the Lives of America's Elderly
Published on: 12/14/2015
Technology vs human interaction
This Trend Could Allow You To Grow Old in Your Own Home, Affordably
Published on: 12/9/2015
The rapid emergence of nonprofit “neighborhood villages” allows older people to remain in their homes longer, receiving services through paid staff and volunteers. Here’s how to find one, or start your own.
6 reasons to remain in your home after retirement
Published on: 11/5/2015
6 reasons to remain in your home after retirement
The Benefits of Retirement Villages
Published on: 10/19/2015
Neighborhood villages allow members to stay at home and have access to everything from pet walking and grocery runs to a list of vetted workers.
Aging at Home: Sometimes it Literally Takes a Village
Published on: 9/3/2015
Aging in Place
Shepherdstown seniors part of growing social movement
Published on: 8/19/2015
Shepherdstown Area Independent Living
Community Village Lawrence helps seniors stay in their homes
Published on: 8/19/2015
Transportation for Seniors
New Ideas for Elderly Growth
Published on: 8/19/2015
New Ideas for Elderly Growth
Helping elderly age ‘in place'
Published on: 8/19/2015
The growing population of seniors stay and thrive in their communities
Bethesda Magazine_It Takes a Village
Published on: 7/9/2014
to download the article.
Radio: Virtual 'Villages' Provide Seniors with Support: The California Report
Published on: 1/2/2013
Click more info for the link to listen to the interview of Monterey Bay Village member Gerda Rayne
Make it REAL
Published on: 5/24/2012
REAL Connections provides a one-stop network to support seniors' goal to age in place. Click for more details.
Gramatan Village Ensures the 'Golden Years' in Bronxville
Published on: 5/21/2012
Gramatan Village was founded in 2008 and now has about 250 members. See below for more details.
Concierge service plans to deliver for seniors
Published on: 5/21/2012
Monterey Bay Village will be launching July 1st, 2012 and will is featured in this article in the Montery County Herald. Click for more info.
'Villages' help seniors remain in their homes, communities
Published on: 5/20/2012
Beacon Hill Village and Cambridge at Home are featured in a new article in The Boston Globe. Click for more details.
New communities allow urban seniors to age in Center City
Published on: 5/3/2012
NewWorks Tonight - Aging in Place with the Help of a Village
The Village Life: Aging in Your Own Home
Published on: 4/25/2012
Senior Citizens are putting a new twist on "it takes a village." See below to read the full article from the Hartford Courant.
Moorestown Couple building a 'Village' for Seniors
Published on: 4/23/2012
Great new article on It Takes a Village New Jersey with quotes from NCB Captial Impact's Candace Baldwin. See below for the full story!
Villages referenced in USA Today article
Published on: 4/2/2012
Few U.S. cities are ready for aging Baby Boomer population
VtV Network and Beacon Hill meet with from South Korea
Published on: 3/28/2012
See below for more info and pictures!
Monterey Bay Village program aims to help seniors stay in their homes
Published on: 3/23/2012
They established the Beacon Hill Village, a support network that gathered together local resources that would then be at the fingertips of individuals who ... See below to read the full article.
It Takes A Village
Published on: 3/20/2012
Reported on Since 90% of village members are 65 and over, the greatest needs are for transportation and home maintenance. In 2002, Beacon Hill Village in Boston ... See below to read the rest of the article.
It takes a village for elders too
Published on: 3/20/2012
Boston's Beacon Hill Village, one of the most established, got its start almost a decade ago when about a dozen longtime residents created a group for ... See below to read the full article.
Charlie Day helps East Falls retirees age in place gracefully
Published on: 3/19/2012
Day traveled to other village groups like Beacon Hill Village in Boston, to learn the ropes of running a village community. They also applied for a grant ... See below for the full article
Crowd turns out to learn about new living model for older seniors - by Stephanie Sumell
As a longtime volunteer for Meals on Wheels, 90-year-old Harry Norkin gets around much better than most folks his age. But that doesn’t mean he’s immune to the challenges that come with growing old at home.

read more at link below
Volunteer-driven senior villages take care of their members
Published on: 12/28/2011
The networks help seniors continue living in their homes by delivering services they can no longer do for themselves and help them stay engaged through social events.
Seniors get help from village support network
Published on: 10/24/2011
ABC 7 News - Northern California
Village Model Fills Seniors' Aging in Place Needs
Published on: 10/23/2011
"Senior Housing News" by Alyssa Gerace
Your Home Or The Nursing Home? DC Leads In New Approach To Helping Older Adults Stay in Their Homes
Published on: 10/13/2011
East Washington Life - By Stephen Lilienthal

Featuring Villages in the DC area.
Redefining The Transition To Retirement And Beyond
Published on: 10/7/2011
WAMU 88.5 American University Radio - Featuring DC area Villages
Retirement: Reality Not As Rosy As Expectations
Published on: 9/27/2011
Retirement: Reality Not As Rosy As Expectations
by: Jennifer Ludden
Movement Empowering Old Americans to Age in their Communities Gets $1.3 Million to Expand in CA
Published on: 9/19/2011
NCB Capital Impact, Nine “Villages,” and University of California Berkeley Receive Grants from Archstone Foundation to Develop and Sustain Aging Friendly Communities through the Expansion of Villages
Growing Older in an Urban Village
Published on: 8/15/2011
The New York Times
Author: Niharika Mandhana
A Graying Bay Area
Published on: 8/5/2011
KQED Radio - NPR - Host: Dave Iverson
"Village Movement" Trend in Senior Living Leads Agenda at Aging Conference
Published on: 5/5/2011
KQED Radio - Host Stephanie Martin talks with Susan Poor, national expert on the model and senior policy adviser for the Village to Village Network.
The Chestertown Spy: Healthy Aging Symposium Great Success
Published on: 4/19/2011
HomePorts, Inc., the local non-profit aging-inplace organization for older adults, led a symposium at
Washington College on Wednesday, March 30.
Newton at Home: Helping seniors remain in their houses
Published on: 2/3/2011
Herbert and Susanne Spatz of Newton consider joining Newton at Home, a non-profit organization that helps seniors remain in their homes and enjoy a wide range of activities outside the home.
Senior Villages Take Root as Movement Matures
Published on: 1/28/2011
Throughout the country, 55 "village" programs are up and running, providing a range of low-cost home, medical, shopping, and social services and activities to senior members. Another 120 are in the works. And there are hundreds of other organized efforts to structure services to older residents of what are called "naturally occurring retirement communities." Their common goal is to help people stay in their homes through their 70s and 80s and, in a growing number of cases, into their 90s.
Wellesley at Home -- It Will Take a Village
Published on: 1/5/2011
Wellesley at Home (WAH) is a new enterprise, a “village” within our town. It will help residents who become members to continue living in their own homes as they age or whenever they may need some assistance.
Aging in Place is Made Easier with 'Village Network'
Published on: 10/12/2010
Columnist Owen R. Houghton on the Village movement and Monadnock at Home.
Nauset Neighbors Offer Helping Hand
Published on: 10/12/2010
Discussing the launch of Nauset Neighbors, a new Village designed to help elderly residents stay in their homes.
Aging in Place -- A Graceful Living Option for Seniors
Published on: 9/18/2010
Communities and companies are devising innovative ways to help older Americans work longer, and age gracefully and affordably in their own homes.
Six New Villages Expand Aging in Place in California
Published on: 9/15/2010
In the face of declining public resources and cutbacks to social programs for older adults, a grassroots movement has brought groups of local elders together to provide services and healthcare to help people age in place.
It Takes a Village to Age in Place
Published on: 8/27/2010
Intentional communities provide seniors the option to remain in their own homes.
'Villages' Help Neighbors Age At Home
Published on: 8/23/2010
Part one of a four part series by NPR on aging. The article highlights Capitol Hill Village.
It Takes a Village to Serve a Village
Published on: 8/17/2010
Neighbor networking concept helps fill gaps in traditional aging services
Village Network Taking Root in Lincoln
Published on: 7/27/2010
Midtown Villages is the first of its kind in the state (of Nebraska) and is open to all ages
'Villages' Let Elderly Grow Old At Home
Published on: 7/26/2010
Demographic changes are boosting the popularity of the Village model of aging in community.
Six California Communitites Pilot Village Model to Support Older Adults
Published on: 7/21/2010
Article highlighting the six communities in California piloting the Village model of aging in community.
Graceful Aging: Overcoming the "multi-billiondolloar-aging-industrial complex"
Published on: 7/21/2010
Article highlights Lynne Martinez of East Lansing.
Announcement: National Village Gathering Nov 11-12 in Philadelphia
Published on: 7/20/2010
Save the date and join the Village to Village Network in Philadelphia this November 11 and 12. This is a great opportunity to connect with Villages across the nation.
Retiring To Your Home
Published on: 7/14/2010
From On Common Ground, a publication of the National Association of Realtors
Senior Care Also Takes a Village
Published on: 6/2/2010
A new Village is getting started in North Oakland.
When It's Too Expensive for Dad to Keep Driving
Published on: 5/29/2010
From the Wall Street Journal, Kelly Greene mentions the Village to Village Network as a network of various local grass-roots organizations that can offer older adults transportation serives.
The Village -- A Growing Option for Aging in Place
Published on: 4/12/2010
New fact sheet from AARP highlight the Village model. Series provides various strategies to meet the housing needs of older adults.
It takes a 'village' to connect seniors: AARP studies 'aging-in-place' networks
Published on: 2/25/2010
A recent AARP study of D.C. seniors who joined "aging-in-place" networks say the move has made them feel more engaged in their communities and more comfortable with their decision to stay in their homes.
'Village' Groups Help Seniors Remain in Their Homes as They Grow Older
Published on: 2/9/2010
Washington D.C. has becoming a hotbed for for villages.
How to Build Your Own Retirement Village
Published on: 2/8/2010
New Village to Village Network offers supportive tools and resources to help build villages nationwide.
Village to Village Network Launches (Press Release)
Published on: 1/29/2010
Innovative Organization to Facilitate Villages Nationwide
Village Model Allows People to Remain in Their Homes Independently as They Age
Grassroots Initiative Gets $250,000 Boost
Published on: 1/29/2010
NCB Capital Impact Receives Grant from MetLife Foundation to Launch the Village-to-Village Network,
a program Empowering Older Americans to Age in Their Communities